Sustainability Report

Ambro-Sol publishes the Sustainability Report where short- and long-term commitments are identified to generate a positive impact on society and the environment. Sustainability officially becomes an integral part of corporate governance undertaken.

Sustainability Report 2022Sustainability Report 2021


A document to clearly state the annual impact on the company’s society and environment, in an attempt to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. All in the framework of the 4 specific purposes of common benefit contained in the statute Ambro-Sol.

Impact Report 2022Impact Report 2021

Certification UNI EN ISO 14001

Thanks to an effective environmental management system and the use of eco-sustainable technologies, we are able to minimize the environmental impact of our production activities and ensure maximum protection of the environment and public health.

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We are part of thebig family B Corp

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Environment, territory, people

B Corp: a company with positive effects

A B Corp is a company that, while doing business, produces positive effects on the environment, on the territory and on people. The B Corp movement includes 4600+ companies in 71 countries of which 140+ in Italy. B Corp is a global movement that aims to spread the most advanced paradigm of business, that of creating value for all.


B Impact score


Tonnes CO2 absorbed by planted trees


KW of photovoltaic plant power


Training hours on sustainable development


Objectives of common benefit


Training hours on sustainable development


Regenerated city walls


Staff employed for an indefinite period

2040 Climate Positive aim

Ambro-Sol SB, the only aerosol company in the world certified by B Corp, chooses the Climate Positive 2040 objective, as a driver for business growth, for the protection of new generations and for environmental protection.
From 2023, thanks to the partnership with WOWnature, Ambro-Sol will embark on a path to become climate positive by 2040, namely the commitment to go beyond the achievement of net emissions of zero, to create a true environmental advantage, removing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than generated in the production process.

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Objectives for the future

6 promises toalways look forward

Products with a positive impact

Improve the positive social and environmental impact of products by supporting and developing projects and partnerships with national or international organisations and research bodies. In the short term the collaboration for the realization of the event “Brescia capital of culture 2023” will continue.

More space for the social economy

Support the development of the local economy by adopting policies and practices that encourage buying from local suppliers. Preference to cultivate relationships with workers and collaborators, coming from the community to which they belong that allow to establish lasting relationships and professional growth.

Positive impact on society and the environment

Generate a positive impact in the community, committing to promoting initiatives of social and environmental development and regeneration, through the implementation of works on the territory for the benefit of the community and disadvantaged groups.

Improvement of the B Corp Score

Improvement of the B Corp certification score achieved in 2022, through the transformation into a benefit company of foreign branches.

More space for photovoltaics

Increase the percentage of electricity used from renewable sources, through the photovoltaic system installed.

Climate Positive2040

Continue action to offset emissions, for example by financing reforestation enterprises.

Organizational and management model

Our organisational and management model is based on social and environmental responsibility. We have adopted a policy of administrative responsibility and a code of ethics that guide our actions and decisions taken by our employees. Our environmental policy is based on the principles of sustainability, respect for the environment and the surrounding community.

Policy of administrative responsibility (ex D.LGS 231/01)

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Ethics Code of the Organizational and Management Model

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Principles of Environmental Policy

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