What is a B Corp

Ambro-Sol, a new business idea

Changing the world is a challenge. Possible. This is the time to change. Change the way we think about our society and especially our economy. No longer limiting ourselves to measuring everything only according to the profit it brings but also to the good it does. This change is already ready: there are people, there are ideas, there are energies. Our task is to unlock it. To get him out of the confines he’s been locked up too long.

Produce positive effects

Why we became B Corp

B Corp is a company that, while doing business, produces positive effects on the environment, on the territory and on people. The B Corp movement includes 4700+ companies in 71 countries, 140+ in Italy. B Corp form a global movement with the aim of spreading the most advanced paradigm of business, that of creating value for all. The way we all operate, at all levels, will serve as an example and stimulus for those who believe in this model.

Discover Ambro-Sol

The 4 aims of theAmbro-Sol statute

  1. Dissemination and dissemination of culture oriented to promote the protection and protection of the environment.
  2. Research and innovation of products to mitigate environmental impacts and greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Creating the best possible conditions to attract, grow and retain talented people.
  4. Support and development of projects and partnerships with national or foreign public or private entities.
A new business model

A concretecommitment

Being a B Corp is a concrete commitment that we put into each of our projects, thus making possible a new, more sustainable business model.
We are committed to:

  • Urban regeneration
  • Dissemination of culture and sustainability
  • In-house training on sustainability
  • Control of the energy impact
  • Contribution to WOWnature
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Research on the impact of DIY
  • Donations on the territory
  • Reduction of solvent consumption
  • Filtering of production “fumes”