Research and Development

Over the years, the Research and Development department has produced more than 1200 formulations for products of different categories: lubricants and greases, maintenance, cleaning, car care, welding, galvanizing products and paints.

Technical laboratory

Within the technical laboratory, the team of experts selects the best propellants, types of cylinders and dispensing valves to ensure maximum efficiency, testing effectiveness and safety of our sprays.

Quality control

At the end of the production chain, the quality control office verifies that all Ambro-Sol products comply with the required characteristics and European and international standards for the production of aerosol sprays.

The production process

The solidity of Ambro-Sol is based on a rigorous and controlled production process. This process includes the search for the best raw materials, formula development, extensive product testing and analysis, and batch validation. Thanks to this approach, we are able to guarantee the highest quality of our sprays and the satisfaction of our customers.

Search for the best raw materials

Formulation development in the laboratory

Product and result testing and analysis

Batch validation before distribution

Customer Service

Qualitative and technological development

Ambro-Sol marked products are safe and innovative, studied and formulated in the chemical laboratory of the company that guarantees the most performing products on the European and international market. A brand specialized in the production and distribution of spray products: all inserted in a mix of great technique, reliability and flexibility.

Best value for money

The attention to the quality of the materials and the production process make Ambro-Sol spray products exceptional in the quality-price ratio. Our philosophy drives us to seek innovative and sustainable solutions, while maintaining competitive prices.

Speed of delivery

Fast delivery is one of our top priorities. Thanks to the extensive distribution network and the partnership with the best international couriers, we are able to guarantee fast and reliable deliveries in all parts of Europe and the world.

Professional assistance

Professional and personalised assistance is one of our strengths. We are always ready to provide advice and technical support to our customers, to solve any problems and offer customized solutions according to their specific needs.