„Changing the world is a challenge. Possible.”
This is the time to change. For Ambro-Sol S.r.l. SB, the transformation into Benefit Company represented an important opportunity to reflect on the philosophy, strategies, mission and above all on the positive impact that the company can and wants to have on the environment, persons, territory and the relevant community. This is a step that has been reconfirmed through the certification path by the third party, B Lab, which has led to a concrete corporate change, from production processes to communication, essential for obtaining the B Corp certification.

The initial idea was not just to create a sustainable product, but a company that was from the ground up. All over his supply chain. Behind every Ambro-Sol product, a company grows that takes into account governance, workers, community, environment and customers.

In 2021 Ambro-Sol became SB, a Benefit company, making the commitment to sustainability binding on everyone. A benefit society represents an evolution of the very concept of the company.
While traditional companies exist with the sole purpose of distributing dividends to shareholders, benefit companies are an expression of a more evolved paradigm: they integrate into their social object, in addition to profit objectives, the aim of having a positive impact on society and the biosphere.

As a Benefit Company, Ambro-Sol measures the results in terms of impact on society and the environment through the B Impact Assessment (BIA), the framework developed by the non-profit B Lab.

Ambro-Sol supported by Nativa, through the BIA, exceeded the threshold of 80 points, verified by the Standard Trust of B Lab on a scale from 0 to 200, and was therefore recognized as B Corp certified in October 2022, with a score of 85.5. Ambro-Sol thus becomes part of a global movement that today has about 4600 companies in the world, of which 140 in Italy, embracing a unique paradigm of change.

In order to better monitor progress towards the common benefit objectives, Ambro-Sol undertakes to report in a transparent and comprehensive manner through an annual impact report, which describes both the actions taken and the plans and commitments for the future.

You can deepen the concrete actions of the company through the report below:
Impact Report 2021

Here are some relevant quantitative indicators that summarize the company’s commitment:

+30 Years of industry experience
4 Specific, far-reaching objectives of common benefit
85,5 B Score
1728 Hours dedicated to research and development of sustainable products
53 Hours training on sustainable development
349.60 kW installed photovoltaic power
200 Tons CO2 that will be absorbed by planted trees
5 New electric cars purchased
93% Percentage of permanent staff
85% Percentage of new hires from the local community
Additional measures of corporate welfare
Donations to associations for social purposes
20 City walls regenerated thanks to low-propellant products