XT 10

Instead of the Vaseline Spray, for the maintenance of the treadmill, we recommend the use of the product XT 10 Ambro-Sol Multifunction Release Lubricant: multifunction spray lubricant with more than 10 functions!


No, we do not recommend the use of Copper Grease: it is better not to use a grease in the delicate mechanical components of printers. Instead, we recommend the use of the Ambro-Sol Dry PTFE Lubricating Agent Spray, with a resistance to high temperatures ranging from 80° to 230°.

Instead of the Silicon Lubricant Spray we recommend the use of the Ambro-Sol Waterproofing Spray. Ideal for the protection of windbreakers, backpacks, outdoor furniture in fabric or leather, boots, boots, bags etc.

Instead of the Unblocking Spray we recommend the use of the product Ambro-Sol Adhesive Chain Lubricant Spray: high quality product that guarantees lubrication for long periods.

Protecting the other areas of the bike, it cleans the chain and all the transmission components. You can apply the product to small splashes and let it act for a couple of hours: with the help of a dry cloth remove the excess lubricant.

We do not recommend the use of Copper Grease Spray for this kind of application, in favor of the Ambro-Sol Ceramic Grease Spray.
The Ceramic Grease Spray is perfect for this type of processing because it is applied to parts exposed to high pressures and temperatures.

It is best to use a silicone spray so that it does not drip and leaves no residue but reduces friction between surfaces.
The Ambro-Sol Silicon Lubricant Spray is a quick and effective solution, useful to lubricate and protect joints, slides, pulleys and metal joints. It contains a solution based on pure silicone oil that has anti-adhesive, release and lubricating properties.

Ideal for: plastic, wood, metal, rubber and all kinds of surfaces.

The PTFE Dry Spray Lubricant by Ambro-Sol is perfect for threads, rollers, tapes and guides of all kinds, especially if you need not to catch even the dust!

After shaking the can well, the product can be sprayed on various types of surfaces (metals, wood, plastic, etc.), without leaving stains and without retaining dust. The product creates a dry, flexible, water-repellent and even temperature-resistant PTFE film (between -80ºC and +260°C).

Great product to lubricate effectively, for example, the treadmill at home: we recommend you dispense the product from a distance of about 20 cm and wait for the relaxation of the product “veil” on the surface.

Yes, you can try a grease made from a mixture of solid lubricants and copper powder.
Choosing the right type of fat is not always easy! In situations of high temperatures or humidity, Copper Grease, also called copper grease, is very suitable: it is an antigrying lubricant consisting of a mixture of solid lubricants and copper powder.

The Ambro-Sol Copper Spray Grease prevents seizures and corrosion, facilitates tightening and resists temperatures of over 1000 ºC. It is ideal to avoid irreversible release episodes such as exhaust manifold pins, threaded fittings, injection valves, rollers and conveyor chains for furnaces.

Ideal for: bearings, weapons, candles, screws and nuts stressed by high temperatures.


No, if used on particularly delicate surfaces it could be aggressive, affecting them. For consoles and PCs it is not recommended to use as these are printed circuit boards and boards that could get ruined! Instead, we recommend the use of the Ambro-Sol High Pressure Blow Spray: with a blow it eliminates dust and residual dirt on these devices.

Yes, the product Ambro-Sol Waterproofing Leak Seal Spray can be used on irregular surfaces in masonry, asphalt, masonite, wood and many others. It allows the sealing of holes and cracks preventing the infiltration of water, moisture or rust. The result will be a smooth and ready surface for overpainting.

Yes, but we still recommend paying attention to cards and chips! The Ambro-Sol Electrical Dry Contact Cleaner Spray instantly removes moisture and greasy substances on the surface, leaving the treated part clean and degreased.

Yes! With a double application of the Ambro-Sol Waterproofing Spray you protect the fabric from moisture, creating a durable and water-repellent protective barrier. The product leaves no trace of odor or color, is solvent-free and works even at very low temperatures (up to -40ºC). Ideal for: shoes and boots, boots, bags and backpacks, windbreakers, etc.

Holes and cracks can be sealed easily preventing water and moisture infiltration. The Ambro-Sol Waterproofing Leak Seal Spray is a filler and varnishing product that allows the sealing of holes and cracks, preventing water, moisture or rust infiltration.
The result will be a smooth surface and also suitable for over-painting. Ideal for: surfaces – even uneven – masonry, asphalt, masonite, wood, etc.

Yes, you can clean up potentiometers, switches and all electrical and electronic components without risk.
The Dry Cleaner for Electrical Contacts by Ambro-Sol is a spray product suitable for cleaning and maintenance of electrical, electromagnetic and electronic contacts. Instantly removes moisture and oily substances such as grease, oil, sludge, wax and glue, leaving the treated part clean and degreased.

For effective application spray directly on the surface to be treated from a distance of about 20cm. Do not apply on live equipment, give current only after complete evaporation of the product.

Ideal for: electrical, electronic and electromagnetic contacts.


The Ambro-Sol Cyanoacrylate Activator Spray is a product designed to promote the speed of action of cyanoacrylate adhesives. By spraying it on the affected parts, the waiting time for instantly gluing objects with cyanoacryl glue is halved.

No! You can also use the Ambro-Sol Multipurpose Permanent Glue Spray: immediate drying, resistant and odorless.
Simply spray the product on one of the surfaces and superimpose the other, exerting a strong pressure. The initial grip is fast but the complete adhesion takes place within 24 hours!

Ideal for: rubber, metal, vinyl materials, fabrics, wood, plastics in general.


Yes, you can revive the color of your exhaust, removing scratches and imperfections with a specific zinc. You can use the Ambro-Sol Light Zinc Spray, ideal for retouching and finishing, it protects all metal surfaces from oxidation.

For an optimal and long-lasting result it is recommended to thoroughly clean the substrate to be treated with synthetic diluent and if necessary to sand with fine sandpaper.

Ideal for: all metal surfaces such as iron, aluminum and steel.


Specific products better and more effectively remove all tar and soot residues, without leaving streaks and safeguarding seals. The Ambro-Sol Fireplaces Glass Cleaner Spray can be sprayed directly on the surface to be treated: after waiting a few minutes, the dirt can be removed with paper, sponge or dampened cloth.

Ideal for: stoves and fireplaces, also with tiles, metals, painted metals. Be careful not to use the pure product on aluminum part and its alloys.

No! Better to use special products, such as the Ambro-Sol Glue and Sticker Remover Spray for a quick action. Based on solvents and synthetic polymers, the product has a high speed of action to remove even the most difficult labels. After application, help yourself with a spatula for an optimal finish. Ideal for: glass and windows, doors, bodywork, unpainted plastic surfaces.

No, marble tops can be cleaned and cleaned with special products, delicate and non-acidic. The Ambro-Sol Marble and Cotto Stain Remover Spray is ideal for these applications and removes residues of grease, grease, markers, coffee and wine.

After removing the surface and visible stains, the product should be sprayed on the surface and allowed to act for about 5 minutes. Brush well then, also with a dry cloth, to remove the white powder formed on the surface. Ideal for: porous surfaces such as terracotta, marble, travertine and natural stones.

Yes, using a non-aggressive spray product you can easily reach all corners of the faucets and household appliances dull and worn by dirt. With the Ambro-Sol Stainless Steel Polish Cleaner Spray you can restore shine to all steel surfaces!

The Ambro-Sol Stainless Steel Polish Cleaner Spray is a product based on solvents, oils and natural extracts that allow to obtain a cleaning, degreasing and polishing action on steel surfaces, without being too aggressive or abrasive. For particularly dirty surfaces it is advisable to leave the product for a few minutes and then wipe with a dry cloth. Ideal for: steel surfaces, sinks, hobs, etc. and generally non-absorbent surfaces.

Car Line

Yes, after carrying out a routine maintenance of the air conditioner, replacing the filters that purify the air, you can complete the operation with a deep sanitization with the Ambro-Sol Air Conditioners Sanitizer Spray.

The spray product eliminates the dirt accumulated over time and removes odors, refreshing all traits and ensuring a long maintenance of the air conditioning system. Ideal for: air conditioners and all air conditioning systems in general.

Yes, the product is suitable for all types of interior: even the most delicate and leather seats will not suffer damage or stains. With the Ambro-Sol Cabin sanitizer disposable ONE-SHOT Spray, you can effectively and quickly clean your car’s interior.

The product self-dispenses and neutralizes unpleasant odors, excess smoke and refreshes the environment.

Yes, you can remove tar, debris, grease and dust from mechanical parts with a specific solvent. To clean the metal parts of your Vespa, scooter and motorcycle you can use the Ambro-Sol Engine Motor Cleaner Spray: designed specifically for this descaling action, it is a high-power solvent product that removes grease, oils and any residue of asphalt and tar.

For an effective application let the product act a few moments, rinse with a strong jet of water or remove the dirt with a cloth.

Ideal for: external cleaning of engines and for washing mechanical parts of vehicles, motorcycles and scooters.

No, you can clean fabrics and car interiors, remove dirt and grease with a simple professional product.
To give a new life to the interiors of your car you can use the Ambro-Sol Car Interiors And Textile Foam Cleaner Spray: with its special formula foaming action thoroughly cleans, removing dirt and grease and leaving a pleasant scent.

For an optimal and long-lasting result it is recommended to let the product act a few minutes and then rub vigorously with a sponge. Then rinse with a wet sponge and allow to dry.

Ideal for: carpet, upholstery and fabric surfaces.


No! For a perfect welding it is recommended to use an anti-splash/ anti-adhesive that prevents the adhesion and solidification of the welding drops. If you work at high temperatures you can use the Ambro-Sol Ceramic Based Shield Spray: thanks to its strong consistency, it forms a resistant film for use at temperatures between 800°C and 1200 ºC.

Discover all Ambro-Sol specific products for the Welding sector.


All Ambro-Sol Acrylic Paints can be used safely between 5°C and 40 ºC.
However, it is important not to apply paints in high humidity (over 65%).

No, Chrome Zinc Spray is not suitable for surfaces that can reach high temperatures, such as the muffler of a motorcycle. We recommend the use of the Ambro-Sol High Temperature Paint Spray that renews the surfaces subject to high temperatures (300°C – 700°C).

Ideal for: stove parts, boilers, ovens, fenders, motorcycle mufflers, etc.

Yes, you can use the Ambro-Sol Acrylic Spray Paint to cover and color old ruined objects, even skateboards, skates, scooters, bicycles, snowboards and skis, etc.
After cleaning the surface and disassembling or covering the parts that you do not want to color, give two coats of color for maximum coverage!

Yes, the fluorescent effect of the Ambro-Sol Fluorescent Effect Spray Paint is enhanced by applying the product on a white background.
After application the paint dries to the touch in about 15 minutes and deep in about 24 hours.

Yes, the Ambro-Sol Metallic Effect Spray Paint can be used to make various Christmas objects and decorations.
This polish is perfect on many materials, it dries quickly and acts in depth. Its particular brilliance makes it similar to a mirror and is available in 6 different colors. For an excellent effect and a mirroring result we recommend to wait about 1 hour for a deep drying. Ideal for: friezes, frames, irons, vases, masks, cups, medals, dried flowers, decorations in general, ornaments and much more.

Yes, you can renew your barbeque with a durable paint, based on modified silicone resins. The Ambro-Sol High Temperature Spray Paint allows you to renew all surfaces normally subject to high temperatures: it resists heat up to peaks of 300ºC – 700ºC depending on the operating temperature.

For an optimal and lasting result it is necessary that the painted parts, once well dried in depth (24/48 hours approximately), are gradually brought to a temperature of 180ºC to ensure perfect adhesion and strength. Ideal for: barbeques, parts of stoves, boilers, ovens, wood-burning ovens, flues, fenders, etc.

For a perfect adhesion of the enamel on a difficult surface like the metallic one of the bodies, it is advisable to use a specific primer such as the Ambro-Sol Special Primers Spray Paint: a substance that protects the metal of the sheet from corrosion due to rust that forms over the years. The Primer Ambro-Sol corrects small imperfections and covers scratches! Ideal for: metal surfaces such as iron, aluminum, steel, bodywork.

No, the particular finish of these Ambro-Sol spray paints does not offer any resistance to abrasion: painted objects should not be placed outside, handled or over-painted.

Yes, you can use an acrylic spay paint and make it even more colorful with a fluorescent color!
To give new life to the furniture of the bedroom you can simply use the Ambro-Sol Fluorescent Effect Spray Paint and give free rein to creativity.

It is a very fun spray paint that makes the surfaces bright and visible at a distance, even in lack of light. Very easy to apply, dry to the touch in about 15 minutes and in about 24 hours deep. To achieve a better effect, we recommend using enamel on white surfaces, prepared with white acrylic paint (V400PAST.4 by Ambro-Sol) or with white stucco (V400STUCCO by Ambro-Sol).

Ideal for: iron, aluminum, steel, wood, glass, plastic and in general materials that are inside buildings and homes.

Yes, but you have to use a special paint as a specific polish for high temperatures!
The Ambro-Sol High Temperature Spray Paint is ideal for renewing all surfaces normally subject to high temperatures. It resists heat to peaks of 300°C – 700°C and can be used on almost any surface, not exposed to direct contact with the flame, such as: parts of stoves, boilers, ovens, flues, barbecues, fenders, motorcycle mufflers, etc.

For optimal application we recommend cleaning and degreasing the surface carefully before application!


No, the Ambro-Sol Environmental Disinfectant Spray is a non-invasive treatment that does not need to clear the environment. It is suitable for all surfaces and environments such as offices, waiting rooms, changing rooms, etc. In general it is suitable for all rooms with medium-large surface.