Ambro-Sol’s commitment to supporting the circular economy and sustainable development continues.

After the commitment of the company in Italy, the transformation into a benefit company also continues for foreign branches. The approval process took several months and is still ongoing in the Spanish branch.
Ambro-Sol firmly believes in the creation of shared value and for this reason it modifies the legal form from a company for profit to a Benefit Company also in the subsidiaries of France and Poland, committing itself to high standards of purpose, accountability and transparency.

In 2016 Italy became the first State after the USA to introduce the legal status of Society Benefit (or Benefit Corporation) that identifies dual-purpose companies, or those that intend to pursue purposes of positive impact on society and the environment in addition to profit. In Europe, only France in 2019 introduced the so-called Société à Mission which, despite being characterized by significant differences from the international model of Benefit Corporation, we can consider close for values and basic plant.

In Poland, as there is no clear legislation in this regard, the company has opted for a change of status with values and objectives oriented towards common benefit.

In compliance with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Ambro-Sol will also focus on research and innovation in foreign subsidiaries to mitigate environmental impacts and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, as in Italy, in addition to sharing profits, the company will promote healthy working and leisure environments that attract and allow the professional growth of talented people, supporting projects and partnerships with national or foreign entities, public or private. The flexibility achieved with the new statute will be necessary to create value for stakeholders in the long term, always taking into account stakeholders in decision-making processes.